Scheibling Consulting is a company started in 2018, focused on providing professional managed services and development at a reasonable price.

We're based in Uppsala, Sweden and are able to serve most of Europe with our services remotely. We're an authorized Microsoft partner with many years of experience delivering Microsoft to our customers. Some of our specialities include Microsoft/Dynamics 365, Azure and Exchange.

Do you have any unmet needs in your IT environment? Do you want to automate as much as possible of your daily workflow to better utilise your human resources? Or just want some input on a project you're working on? Feel free to contact us for a free quote!

You can read more about the specific services we offer by clicking on the links above, or finding the type of solution that you want to explore. If you're not entirely sure what you want or need, feel free to send us a quick email and we'll get back to you!


In order to help you get the most out of your business, we can advise and assist you within the following areas. If you have any questions about content not listed here, don't hesitate to contact us and we can refer you to one of our many partners
Whether you want your customers to log in to your website with BankID/EIDAS, use the same account to log in to all of your services, or want to increase login security in your environment we can help you find and implement a solution.
Oavsett om du vill lÀgga till inloggning med BankID, EIDAS, Facebook, Google eller nÄgon annan leverantör, eller bara höja sÀkerheten pÄ er befintliga inloggning med engÄngskoder eller sÀkerhetsnycklar sÄ har vi lösningen för dig!
We're a licensed Microsoft partner, able to sell licenses and services including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Office or complete environments. We also do migrations from other platforms to Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and others.
Vi Àr en auktoriserad Microsoft-partner, och kan erbjuda lösningar och licenser innom Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Office och/eller Azure. Vi genomför ocksÄ migreringar av gamla e-post och produktivitetsprodukter till Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, m.fl.
Our developers have experience in a broad range of languages and technologies. Whether you need a small bug fixed in your website or want to create an entirely new client portal - we have a solution for you!
VÄra utvecklare har erfarenhet i de flesta av dagens programmeringssprÄk, och vi kan leverera produkter för mÄnga olika teknologier. Oavsett om du behöver en bugg fixad i ett av dina program, eller vill skapa en ny portal för dina kunder och anstÀllda sÄ har vi lösningen för dig!
Integration and Automation
Does your workforce spend too much time doing simple paperwork or repetitive tasks? By automating tasks and sending data between systems automatically, you can free up more time for the jobs that create revenue for your company.
Integration och Automation
Spenderar dina anstÀllda för mycket tid pÄ att göra enkelt pappersarbete eller repetitiva uppgifter? Genom att automatisera arbetsflöden och skicka data mellan system automatiskt kan ni fÄ mer tid till kundvÄrd och andra inkomstgenererande arbetsuppgifter.
Have you outgrown your cheap webhost, and are looking for fast, redundant and reliable servers for your most important software? We can provide a broad range of hosting solutions, on-premises, datacenter and/or cloud.
Har du vÀxt ur ditt billiga webbhotell, och behöver en snabb, sÀker, redundant och pÄlitlig server för din hemsida eller ditt interna system? Have you outgrown your cheap webhost, and are looking for fast, redundant and reliable servers for your most important software? We can provide a broad range of hosting solutions, on-premises, datacenter and/or cloud.
Do you need to step up your ransomware protection, or find a better solution for backups? We can offer a broad range of security software, installed and tailored to your exact needs
Behöver du implementera skydd mot ransomware, hitta en bÀttre lösning för backuper eller öka skyddet för dina anstÀlldas konton? Vi kan erbjuda ett brett utbud av sÀkerhetslösningar och tjÀnster för att ditt företag alltid ska finnas tillgÀngligt!
If you have any questions, projects that you need help with or just want to hear our input on how to solve that problem of yours - send us a message and we'll be in touch!

You don't have to provide your phone number to us if you don't want, we're more than happy to do any initial contact over email if you prefer that.

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